23 December 2012


4.38 am.
Aku kat sungai petani ni.
Kampung belah bapak. Hihik.
Jam 4 pagi tadi baru je balik dari nonton wayang.
Dgn abang dan cousin, miaaaa..
It's a great outing eventho kitorg tiga ja yang keluar.
We eat a lot. Thanks to abg & mia belanja kita malam ni. Ahaks.
Talking about midnight movie.. I think this is the second time kot.. Hihii.. Harini (ahad) dah nak balik perlis. Kejap je turun sp ni hm hm.
That's why we're using the time to the max together.
And oh yes, we're having bubble gurt. It has been my fav lah weh since i am the yogurt lover :s
Aaaaah will miss the moment together especially when you are with your family. It's just different than being with your friends. You know what I mean. Hehe. K time is running. Mata pn dah ngantok. Will just end here.

P/s:family first weh :D

4.45 am.
SalamAlaykkkk ;)

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