29 December 2012

short entry hm

NO is a NO.

It remains, a NO.
It is hard to be YES. 
Even if it would be, it's not me, but I just follow my heart to say so..

But still bear in mind.. Kun fayakun.. who are we to object. It's Allah's right.

Back to the main, maybe im the one with full of reasons, in some cases.
If i start to state reasons one by one, it's time to clear off things about me.
Just dont ask for more. Ada sebab la tu keluar banyak sebab ^_^

Where everything has to be clear, i am sorry i cant story in details. ahak
Tapi yang pasti, whatever happens, most of the everything's things, i left it to Allah.
Allah gives me path to do like this or that. Just follow.
And everything will be in safe. InsyaAllah.

it's a midnight.
time to be all alone.

*muhasabah starts*

salamAlaykum :')

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