05 November 2010

the day about yesterday

it was a really the toughest day ever since i am in this university
perlis had flood, not all the area but mostly land in Perlis had been covered by the Bah water
i am here, in UiTM perlis, didn't realised things since my campus are quite high compared to the other area
i only realised the disaster that occured in Perlis only when we didn't get to have dinner like olden
people are soo crowded in all cafe in this campus, no food left after an hour it was being served
and that's a sign. something bad had happened.
pffft. IT'S FLOOD. uh i quickly hang up phone to ask for my mum. yes adik, rumah kita dinaiki ayer, teruk lagi dr dulu. huhu.
well well well, mum asked to be patience here and i have no objections. i cant go back home to see things there >.<
makanan dicatu, ayer tadak, almost three days. i am feeling so badd. very very badd. i need enough water. to bath. but it is only enough fr my wudhu' and some important cases. huhuuu. then only i can get water from the 0 level. i have to queued up fr longgggggg tyme. argh. then i've to take that water up till my level, 2.. Grr its something horrible. my waist get hurt. as well as stomache. i want to eat. please please. but i ve to walk fr about 800 meters to get food. uh please. its quite nearer, but it is actually fatigued. huhu.. Eh helo, im tired and extinguished now. GOOD NIGHT! ops. nyete! HAHA

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