15 November 2010

my love MAT123

haha but then i feel like it is somehthing impossible now -.-
yesterday, i sat fr the MAT123 paper
but while answering the paper, i do check the frontpage of the paper
if i took the wrong subject. GRRR. it was true, HANIS. HAHA
but why i feel like im answering engineering paperrr
people said, SUSAH GILAAAA, haha, luckily im not getting mad BTW heheheheee
whatever things had and will happen, i accept with open heartttttt  HUHUuuuu
well well well im not going to think over it these holidayssss
i just wanna have some peace...and enough REST hahahahaa
but there's something disturbed my mind now..
im going to take ACCOUNT course fr next sem..
well i dun have the basic at all :-/ 
too, the computer solving course. Pffffft.
it is quite tough then. next sem will be hard. i hope and i wish that i will pass all the papers in this sem so i dont have to repeat whatever paper next sem. INSYAALLAH , i hope, REALLY hope. then i can concentrate on the courses nxt sem that i dont know how it gonna be. :))) 
so HIGHHHHH my dream kan kan? hahahaaaa then when it comes to the sem 2 times, i hopee soooo that i quit enjoying funsss like i always doin sem 1.. HAhaaaaa..

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