24 November 2010

so bored being at home

will anyone out there care if i bored here at this home?
of course nott. rite? HAHA who are you hanis to gain people's attention for you?? hahaha
ENOUGH! i just cant describe how i am veryyy veryyy boring at home. GRRR
facebook-ing? bored bored bored.
sms-ing? grrr. RM0.00 credit , then who am i goin' to text haa?
HAHA pity mee a lot..and meyy bee some other friends out there, I KNOW , hehee..
bored is bored but somehow i try to fill up my leisure times with doin' some kinda work
sometimes i learn cooking something.. HAHA
sometimes i wash, dry up clothes.. pffft. but that doesnt mean that i am kinda hardworking, okeyhh
somehow, i just dont believe that i jump into the internet to find some notes on cliffs.net
to stadyy account, a little bit laa.. GRRR.

by showing this photo, dunot ever think that im going to SHOW-OFF things or somewhat.
it is just my blog, and i do feel free to post whateva things. since i am quite motivated to learn account, i just want to get along with marketing words some sort like that, heeee~
so thattt, i am not goin to be blurr and haa-haa in ma future account's lecture, one month and plus plus from now on.. huhu.. ^_^ 
these are kinda works that i did when i was being at home. Grr

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