30 November 2010

im having a blast lunch .

ayaq asam, dagin masak kicap , sup dagin . phewwww.
sup dagin :))) delicacioussss.. hehe
ahaa. THANKS a lot to my tok because teach me on how to make ayaq asam and dagin masak kicap.
yayy!! it is quite tough to be prepared. but im satisfied with all the meals after being completely done.
wellll, this is hard to be found if i were at the campus. so i better feel the kampung meals now or else, i'll be missing 'em lahh.. hehehehe.. i hope i can cook well in near future without the guardian of my tok and my mum. surely for my future family . opss! ahahaa.. p/s : im not going to mumbling this and that without reasons!!
HAHAHA okeyy surely im happy with the dishes. Adik sayyyang tok lahhh! hehehee..

haaa..guess what?..hemm today is the last day of november..means that, there are 10 more days to go..for me and my friends knew the result of our semester 1 final examination...grrr..sangat cuak!!

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