30 November 2010

thanks for the 'fly'

at 2056 pm just now..
i got the message..
beep beep~ 
from one of my friends..
saying that u are going to 'fly' away..
to pursue ur study.. 
ur flight then is on 2100 pm.. 
i was so shock and suddenly cant breath well :(
he said that.. u r asking for 
forgiveness and blessings..
i do pray for you !
even u urself didnt have a heart to tell me about this.
and thanks for making me fool of all this~~
u are a great man btw. thanks thanks thanksss :DD
hemm.. i unofficially want to ask for ur forgiveness.
eventhough we are not yet, a good friend, or maybe
no longer 'a friend'..
i hope that u are happy and having a blast day in everything u do!
Thanks sahabat for a such great moment we ever had :))

bila aku salah di matamu
bila aku lemah di matamu
ku hanya bisa memohon
maaf atas salahku :((

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