02 March 2011

its getting harder , pffft

it is sooo troublesome on me to understand account .

math , sometimes drivin' me crazier .

programming please lahhhh  -.-'

okay sounds like aku nak mengeluh lagiii dan lagiii

memang pun :\

and what i think now is , aku sedar aku tak boleh pick-up banyak benda dalam kelas skrg .

tapi , aku dah tak rajin nak buad revision . dah makin malas .

and , im in horror now to see me down in the next final exam test result .

ya allah ! kuatkanlah hati aku .

people around me , dunt get me down of myself  /  dunt bring me miserables ouh . that's suckkkk !

whatever it is , only blog will recover my pain .

after i wrote such a long words here . i hope i can start my strugglinggg in studies after this .

pray for me sayangs ! i do pray for you always ~

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