06 May 2012

aimmissing mai blog

Yes I do miss a little lot my blog

This is such a second place for me to share thought and what i am doing after, twitter.

In the meanwhile, lemme tell you few things revealed about me. For sure it is result of my muet and final examination of semester four.

First is muet. I got band 3. This is far by the expected. And I know I was taking this paper for granted since I was struggling also for my studies. So, this is basically what I could get with the so-so effort. Alhamdulillah im not frustrated but it's increasing my faith as a student to learn how to manage time well :p(nerd gila ayat!).

Second is about my final examination result. I may not belong as the dean list for the current semester but I believe that Allah is planning something better for me in the future. I am grateful as my cgpa is still above 3.5 and passed all the papers :) And I promise to myself so that I would perform better in the next two semester and grad on the time. Yeah. Doa for me please readers!

P/s:why the english post this time meh? Ni semua sebab result muet lah! Haha :p

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