12 May 2012

7 lagu kesukaan

There are soooooooo much songs that I adore. But then I'll just only list few of them. Talking about songs, there are many reasons why you love that song. Maybe the lyrics are meaningful, someone special asks you to hear, maybe you like the singer or few more to say. Duh ;)

Here, I'll separate them into  english and malay songs as I am natural Malay who love listening English songs.


First is sesal mendua by klangit

Second is sesaat kau datang by ramlah ram and sleeq

Third is hatiku milikmu by nera

Fourth is pelengkap hidupku by i dont remember

Fifth is kisah hati by alyah

Sixth is terukir di bintang by yuna

Seventh is ku ingin kamu by romance


First is the day you went away by i dont remember lah ;)

Second is what are words by christ medina

Third is mr know it all by whom eh?

Fourth is rolling in the deep by adele

Fifth is we belong together by mariah carey

Sixth is I miss you by ah i dont remember

Last is dear god by a7x ;)

Some of songs remain forever in heart, some are only for a short while. Kan? ;)

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