12 May 2012

what are words

Penah dengar lagu what are words by chris medina? This song contributes to his heartbreaking love story when his fiancee got some brain injury on car accident,kalau tak silap. I seriously shed tears for the first time dengar lagu ni together with his experience. Where else to find forever love, kan?

Anywhere you are,i am near. Anywhere you go,i'll be there. Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see. Every single promise i'll keep. 'Cause what kind of guy would I be? If I was to leave when you need me most.

People, appreciate people in your life. Love them as we dont know either you or that person will leave this world first. If you do not know how to show them love, just be with them, endure them, chill them when they're sad, never leave them when they are facing hardness in life; all of these surely will make you become loveable. If you are a guy, love not only your special gf, that's temporary. Otherwise, make her halal for you. Else, love your family first, yourself and everyone around you and vice versa. May Allah blesses all of you!;)

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